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Webkinz Kinzbands Revealed

Way back in August, Animal Bracelets Blog broke the news that Ganz was working on Webkinz Bandz. At the time, I had just heard from my sources overseas that Ganz had them in production, and I wasn't completely sure if they were signing a deal with Silly Bandz or making them on their own. While Ganz has yet to officially announce Webkinz Bandz, they have now started to show up for order at some retail stores. Ameriwade.com has the first pictures of the upcoming Webkinz Bandz, and they are being called Webkinz Kinzbands, so Ganz is definitely making them on their own.

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Webkinz Silly Bandz

There have been lots of rumors about the possibility of Webkinz Silly Bandz. My sources have confirmed that there are actually Webkinz Silly Bandz in the works, or more accurately I should say Webkinz Bandz. From what I’ve heard, Ganz, the company behind Webkinz is working with a factory in China to produce their own line of Webkinz Bandz.

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