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Looney Tunes Bandz

Awhile back I blogged that Silly Bandz versions of the Warner Bros. characters were in the works by Logo Bandz under their Character Bandz line. Of course, some of the best known Warner Bros. characters are the Looney Tunes characters.The Looney Tunes Bandz Pack contains twenty rubber band bracelets, four each of five different designs.

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Warner Bros. Bandz In The Works

When Disney Bandz were announced, you knew that Warner Bros. couldn't be far behind. Yes, Logo Bandz is creating assortments of Character Bandz based on Warner Bros. cartoon characters. Some of the Character Bandz in the works include Tom & Jerry Bandz, Flintstones Bandz, two versions of Scooby Doo Bandz, and two versions of Looney Tunes Bandz. There will be a Looney Tunes Girls assortment and a Looney Tunes Boys assortment. Usually Logo Bandz assortments consist of five different shapes and twenty rubber band bracelets.

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