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Soccer Wacky Ringz

Wacky Ringz has just released a new design. Soccer Wacky Ringz are now available. The Soccer Wacky Ringz Pack contains twenty rubber band rings, four each of five different designs. The Soccer Wacky Ringz assortment consists of soccer players in five different poses.  Also these ringz have the special feature of Glow In The Dark. Soccer Wacky Ringz are available on WackyRingz.com.


Wacky Ringz First Photos

I got some samples in the mail yesterday of Wacky Ringz. They are really cute. Some people have wondered if kids might try to put them on their wrist instead of their fingers, but I don't think there is any chance of that. Wacky Ringz are made in the perfect size for rings. They are way to small for anyone to try to get around their wrists, but they are big enough that they aren't too tight on your fingers. Above is a photo of several Wacky Ringz on my fingers.

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Wacky Ringz Launches New Website Design

Wacky Ringz has launched a brand new website design at WackyRingz.com. The new website shows all the Wacky Ringz designs for both consumer and wholesale order. There is also a fan photo section with kids showing off their Wacky Ringz. The first set of Wacky Ringz designs are Animal, Fashion, Fast Food, Sea Animal and Princess. If you prefer to shop in store rather than online, Wacky Ringz will be arriving in some Walgreens after the 4th of July. I hope to have samples of Wacky Ringz soon, so keep checking back to see photos.


Wacky Ringz Packaging Photo

I posted around a week ago about Wacky Ringz, which are rubber bands designed to be worn on your fingers as rings. Wacky Ringz are an interesting twist on the whole bandz craze, and they generated quite a bit of discussion when I posted about them. Since Baby Animal Bracelets have often been popular to collect, these Wacky Ringz could appeal to collectors who like to use different size animal bandz to create a bandz family. Here is an updated photo of what Wacky Ringz will look like in the packaging. Wacky Ringz are scheduled to hit stores before July 1.


Silly Ringz Is Now Wacky Ringz

A couple days ago I posted about a brand new product called Silly Ringz. The company behind Silly Ringz has just announced that they are actually changing the name of their upcoming product to Wacky Ringz. Wacky Ringz are rubber bands in various shapes that are designed to worn on the finger rather than the wrist. Wacky Ringz are made by Fun Talking, Inc, and they are scheduled to be available in stores before July 1.

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