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Transformers Bandz - Rare Or Not Rare?

There are a lot of Transformers collectors, who have helped make Transformers Bandz really popular. Transformers Bandz are currently made by both Forever Collectibles and Googly Bands. In a past web chat, Silly Bandz owner Rob Croak said they would look at doing their own Transfromers Silly Bandz when the next Transformers movie came out. Because there are so many Transformers collectors, Transformers Bandz seem to disappear from shelves faster than many of the other licensed Bandz. So are Transformers Bandz rare or not rare?

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Transformers Bandz Pack

The Transformers Bandz Series 1 Pack contains twenty elastic bracelets, four each of five different designs. The Transformers Bandz are made by Forever Collectibles as part of their Character Bandz line. Above is a photo of the front of The Transformers Bandz Series 1 Pack.

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