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Top Ten Animal Bracelets - Rare & Popular

It's been awhile since I've done a Top Ten Animal Bracelets list. There are now so many different Animal Bracelet designs that what is popular tends to vary from state to state. My new Top Ten Animal Bracelets list is based on what readers and stores are telling me are hot. Many of these bandz are rare, but some of them are popular just because they are cool shapes. The bandz come from a variety of makers including Silly Bandz, Zanybandz, Stretchy Shapes, +d, Bama Bandz, and Rubba Bandz. I'm sure there are some other hot ones that I missed that belong on the list, because different bands are popular in different schools, so feel free to post about other popular bands in the comment section. 

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Top Ten Food Rubber Bandz

As everyone knows, all Animal Bracelets are not animal shapes. Today, I'm blogging about the best food shaped Animal Bracelets. Some of the food shapes are really well done, and they are some of my favorite shapes. Two of the best known food packs are the Bama Bandz Lunch Time Pack and the Stretchy Shapes Fast Food Pack, but there are also other packs that include fruit shapes. Here is a list of my personal Top Ten Food Rubber Bandz.

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Top Ten Animal Bracelets For Boys

Previously, I blogged about my selections for the Top 5 Animal Bracelets Packs For Boys. Now, I've also selected the Top 10 Animal Bracelets For Boys. The list is presented in not particular order, as all of these shapes are popular with boys. There's everything from Aliens to Trucks.

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Top Ten Animal Bracelets For Girls

Awhile back, I selected my Top 5 Animal Bracelets Packs For Girls. Now, instead of choosing whole packs, I've picked out my Top Ten Animal Bracelets For Girls. The list is presented in no particular order, but it represents what I think are ten of the most popular rubber band bracelets for girls.

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Top Ten Animal Bracelets - 12/07/09

There haven’t been a lot of changes on my Top Ten Animal Bracelets list, but there will be soon. Once the new designs from Stretchy Shapes and Silly Bandz start hitting stores, then my list should change dramatically. I’m especially looking forward to the Little Diva Pack from Stretchy Shapes (exclusive to The Band Wagon) and the Silly Bandz Princess Pack.

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Top Ten Animal Bracelets - 11/23/09

Here are my Top Ten Animal Bracelets for this week. As you might have noticed, whatever is new usually turns out to very popular. In Animal Bracelets, the Dino Animal Rubber Band Pack from +d, the Silly Bandz Christmas Pack, and the Silly Bandz Basic Shapes Pack continue to fly off store shelves. There are also some new designs from Toysmith that are just hitting stores. Some of the new animal and car shapes are on everyone’s want list. Besides the rubber bands, Animal Bracelets Clips which are metal clips used to hold Animal Bracelets really started to catch on big this week. There are some called the Band Wranglers from The Band Wagon that come in Heart, Butterfly, Car and Bone shapes.

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Top Ten Animal Bracelets

Here is my weekly list of the Top Ten Animal Bracelets. These are the animal bracelets that are rare and that almost everyone wants to trade for. A lot has changed since last week, as several stores have started to get in both a big Dino Animal Rubber Band Pack and the Christmas Silly Bandz.

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Allie's Top Ten Animal Bracelets

It seems to change all the time what Animal Bracelets everyone wants. There are some consistent favorites such as the Sun Silly Bandz, because it is the only Animal Bracelet that is also worn as a necklace. But other favorites tend to come and go, depending on whatever is difficult to find at the moment.

Based on what kids are looking for in my school, I’ve compiled a list of the Top 10 Animal Bracelets that kids want to trade for. I’ll try to update this list every week or so. Right now, everyone is looking for the Christmas Silly Bandz Pack, but since most stores don't have them yet, no one has any to trade, so I didn’t put them on the list yet.

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