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Are Swimsuit Rubber Bands Discontinued?

Have you been going from store to store searching for the Silly Bandz Swimsuit Pack? Unfortunately, the Silly Bandz Swimsuit Pack is discontinued and no longer available for now. However, there is a chance Silly Bandz could bring them back as Summer gets closer.

If you simply must have swimsuit shaped rubber bands, then there is an alternative. Office Max sells swimsuit shaped rubber bands under their DiVoga line. Office Max technically refers to them as beach wear rubber bands. The DiVoga Beach Wear Rubber Bands include three different swimsuit tops, four different swimsuit bottoms, and one sock. At least, it looks like a sock, but maybe it's an oddly shaped swimsuit bottom.

Here is a photo of DiVoga Beach Wear Rubber Bands in package.


Here is a photo of DiVoga Beach Wear Rubber Bands out of package.



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