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Squinkies Glitter Bands

Two trends combine in Squinkies Glitter Bands. The Squinkies Glitter Bands Pack contains sixteen glitter rubber bands and three Squinkies. There are a total of twenty-four different Squinkies Bands to collect.  Above is a photo of the front of the Squinkies Glitter Bands Pack.

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Squinkies Toys

While there has been no hotter toy than Silly Bandz this year, another toy that is quickly becoming the hot toy for the holiday season are Squinkies. Squinkies are becoming very popular due to a great commercial and great word of mouth on the Internet. If you haven’t heard of Squinkies, Squinkies are little, squishy toys that come in their own little plastic bubbles. Part of the appeal of Squinkies is that they are very collectibles, because there are Rare Squinkies.

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