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Silly Sockz Contest

I recently blogged about Silly Sockz, and now a Silly Sockz retailer is having a contest where you can win free pairs of Silly Sockz. SocksInStock.com is the retailer having the contest, and you can find the complete rules on the Socks In Stock Blog. To enter the contest, you just need to go to SocksInStock.com and look for Mr. Stock (pictured above), who is hiding in an item on their site. Then, you email them at [email protected] and put the item name in the subject line of where Mr. Stocks is hiding. Socks In Stock will select three winners from the correct entries and announce them on Monday, October 4, 2010. The SocksInStock.com contest is open to U.S. residents only. Here are three hints to where Mr. Stock is hiding.

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Silly Sockz Review

I blogged awhile back about Silly Sockz, and Silly Sockz are now starting to arrive in retail stores. I just got a pair of the Princess Party Silly Sockz. Each pack of Silly Sockz comes with a pair of high quality white or black socks with bandz designs on them and with twelve rubber band bracelets. Above is a photo of the front of the Silly Sockz Princess Party Pack.

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Silly Sockz Are In The Works

Here is an interesting new twist on the whole Silly Bandz craze. Of course everything started with Silly Bandz bracelets, but then spread out to Silly Necklaces and Silly Ringz. Now, get ready for Silly Sockz. Silly Sockz are being made by Jefferies Socks LLC. Silly Sockz will have different patterns of shaped rubber bands on the socks, and each set of socks comes with twelve matching rubber bands.

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