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Silly Ringz Revealed By Silly Bandz

Silly Bandz has just announced Silly Ringz, and Animal Bracelets Blog has the exclusive first photos of the actual Silly Ringz. Silly Ringz are just smaller versions of Silly Bandz that are designed to be worn on the fingers instead of the wrist. The Silly Ringz Pack contains twelve Silly Ringz, two each of six different designs. Above is a photo of the front of the Silly Bandz Silly Ringz Pack.

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Silly Ringz

First there were Silly Bandz, now there are Silly Ringz. Fun Talking Inc. is taking the bandz concept and shrinking it way down to create Silly Ringz. Instead of your wrist, Silly Ringz are designed to be worn on your fingers. Silly Ringz are small rubber bands in various shapes, such as ducks, pigs, and turtles. Fun Talking Inc. is marketing Silly Ringz with the catch line "The next evolution in Silicone Bandz." Silly Ringz are also being called Finger Friends. Silly Ringz are scheduled to start arriving in stores in three to four weeks. Silly Ringz has a website at SillyRingz.net and a Silly Ringz Facebook Fan Page.


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