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Silly Bandz Stores In The UK

Silly Bandz are catching on big time in the UK. British Media like the BBC News have started to catch on to the trend and are running stories about Silly Bandz and other Bandz. While most of the traffic to Animal Bracelets Blog comes from the United States, the amount of traffic coming from Canada and England has been rising fast. England is currently the #3 country in sending traffic to Animal Bracelets Blog.

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Silly Bandz England

Silly Bandz are starting to catch on in the UK. There have been two recent articles on Silly Bandz in newspapers in England. The Independent has an article called “The new craze? It’s silly.” The Sun has an article called “Jump on the Bandz wagon.” Both articles cover how popular that Silly Bandz have become in America, and how they are set to become huge in Britain this Summer. There is mention made that U.S. celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker are wearing Silly Bandz.

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