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Silly Bandz Collection

Animal Bracelets Blog reader Sydney sent me some photos of her Silly Bandz collection. She also makes Silly Bandz videos so be sure to check out her YouTube page.  It's really cool that she mentions my blog in one of her videos that shows off some of her Googly Bands.

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Silly Bandz Collage

I always like to post pictures of Silly Bandz collections. An Animal Bracelets Blog reader named Madeline sent me this cool photo of a Silly Bandz collage that she made with her Silly Bandz collection.


Silly Bandz Collection Photos

From time to time, people send me pictures of their Silly Bandz collection, and I like to post those pictures when I get a chance. This photo was sent in by Rani. The color coordinated display in the form of a peace sign is really cool.


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