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Tasmanian Devil Bandz - Rare Or Not Rare?

Besides Bugs Bunny, another popular Looney Tunes character is Taz the Tasmanian Devil. Before a Tasmanian Devil Bandz was released, there were a lot of people requesting that shape. Both Logo Bandz and Collect-A-Bandz have a Tasmanian Devil rubber band in their Looney Tunes Bandz Packs. So are Tasmanian Devil Bandz rare or not rare?


SpongeBob Silly Bandz - Rare Or Not Rare?

There are a couple different companies that make SpongeBob Bandz, including the official Silly Bandz company. SpongeBob Silly Bandz rarely stay on store shelves for very long. I've heard from some stores that say they sell out the same day that they get a new shipment of SpongeBob Silly Bandz in stock. Above is a photo of some various SpongeBob Bandz. Companies that make SpongeBob Bandz include Silly Bandz, HER Direct, Ultimate Licensing, Inc., Novelty, Inc., and Bandit-Os. All the SpongeBob Bandz shapes are popular, but the most popular shape is of SpongeBob Squarepants himself. So are SpongeBob Squarepants Silly Bandz rare or not rare?


Harry Potter Bandz - Rare Or Not Rare?

With the popularity of the Harry Potter books and the Harry Potter movies, it's no wonder that Harry Potter Bandz are in high demand. Forever Collectibles makes six different series of Harry Potter Bandz under their Character Bandz line. While all the Harry Potter Bandz are considered rare, the rubber band in the shape of the boy wizard himself is one that everyone wants. So is the Harry Potter Bandz rare or not rare?


Transformers Bandz - Rare Or Not Rare?

There are a lot of Transformers collectors, who have helped make Transformers Bandz really popular. Transformers Bandz are currently made by both Forever Collectibles and Googly Bands. In a past web chat, Silly Bandz owner Rob Croak said they would look at doing their own Transfromers Silly Bandz when the next Transformers movie came out. Because there are so many Transformers collectors, Transformers Bandz seem to disappear from shelves faster than many of the other licensed Bandz. So are Transformers Bandz rare or not rare?

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Bart Simpsons Bandz - Rare Or Not Rare?

The Simpsons is the longest running show on television, which makes it no surprise that there are a lot of fans of The Simpsons. There are also a lot of The Simpsons Collectors, who tend to make The Simpsons Bandz in high demand. The Simpsons Bandz are made by Forever Collectibles under their Character Bandz line. While big time collectors of The Simpsons tend to buy all the series, the more casual viewers of The Simpsons often want the Bart Simpson Bandz the most. While all The Simpsons Bandz are considered somewhat rare, the Bart Simpson Bandz usually is the most wanted. So are Bart Simpsons Bandz rare or not rare?


Bugs Bunny Bandz - Rare Or Not Rare?

The Looney Tunes characters are very popular, and there are two companies that have made Looney Tunes Bandz. Both Logo Bandz and Collect-A-Bands have Looney Tunes Bandz Packs. The most recongnizable and popular Looney Tunes shape is Bugs Bunny. Are Bugs Bunny Bandz rare or not rare?


Wolverine Silly Bandz - Rare Or Not Rare?

As the only one of the X-Men to have his own Silly Bandz from the official Silly Bandz company, Wolverine is a very popular bandz. People like the Wolverine Silly Bandz shape that shows off his claws. So is the Wolverine Silly Bandz rare or not rare?


Hulk Silly Bandz - Rare Or Not Rare?

Marvel Silly Bandz feature some very popular superheroes. The Spiderman Silly Bandz tends to be the most popular, but the Hulk Silly Bandz is also very popular. People like the big green Hulk Silly Bands shape, so they will often trade a couple other bandz for it. So is the Hulk Silly Bandz rare or not rare?


Spiderman Silly Bandz - Rare Or Not Rare?

Marvel Silly Bandz were the first licensed bandz released by Silly Bandz. All of the Marvel Superheroes are popular, but Spiderman is the most famous. Because Spiderman is packed equally with the other shapes in the Marvel Silly Bandz, the Spiderman Silly Bandz tends to be more rare because more people want to trade for it. So is the Spiderman Silly Bandz rare or not rare?


Bear Head Silly Bandz

Silly Bandz included various mascot head Silly Bandz in their Build-A-Pack Silly Bandz. Because these mascot head Silly Bandz are not available in the Silly Bandz packs in retail stores, they can only be purchased online, so they are often considered rare Silly Bandz. Above is a photo of the Bear Head Silly Bandz.


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