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Animal Bracelets In Philadelphia News

  Pennsylvania-animal-bracelets Pennsylvania remains a hot state for Animal Bracelets. The Philadelphia Inquirer has a new article called "Mirror, Mirror: All ages are rubber-band fans." The article says that toy stores and children clothing boutiques are selling dozens of boxes a day. In New Jersey, some teaches have banned the bands in an effort to keep them from being distracting in school.

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Silly Bandz On Pennsylvania Television News

Silly Bandz are in the Pennsylvania news again. CBS 21, which is a television station in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, did a news report on how Silly Bandz are selling out in local stores. The news report is called "Silly over Silly Bandz." The news report contains interviews with managers and kids at the Hallmark House of Cards store in the Camp Hill mall. An assistant manager of the store says that every time they get Silly Bandz in that they sell out within an hour to an hour and a half.


Silly Bandz In Philadelphia News

The state of Pennsylvania continues to catch Silly Bandz fever. For the second time this week, a Pennsylvania website has a story about Animal Bracelets. PhillyBurbs.com, which reports on everything happening in the Philadelphia suburbs, has an article entitled "No fan of Silly Bandz + what do I know?"

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Silly Bandz In Pennsylvania News

Pennsylvania is another new state where Animal Bracelets are making the news. The Patriot-News has a story on Pennlive.com called "Goofy Trends could bring big bucks." Anne McGraw Reeves, who is the author of the article, writes about how Silly Bandz have become popular with both teens and tweens.

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