Rad Ringz Announced By Silly Bandz

The company behind Silly Bandz is launching a brand new product called Rad Ringz. Rad Ringz are two finger rings with a collectible twist. Each Rad Ringz has a unique channel mechanism that allows the wearer to change out a message or icon. Rad Ringz come is several different styles, which are similar to Silly Bandz. Each Rad Ringz package contains one ring and three words and/or icons.

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Bands On The Run: The Rubber Band Movie To Be Released

The rubber bands craze is getting its own movie. A new movie called Bands On The Run: The Rubber Band Movie has been announced. Bands On The Run is an animated movie that will follow the adventures of five novelty rubber bands, who accidently fall off the back of a delivery truck. The five rubber bands are Edison (shaped like a light bulb), Roxie (shaped like a rock star), Daisy (shaped like a flower), Ray (shaped like a TV), and Amelia (shaped like an airplane).

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Hollywood Silly Bandz Released

Silly Bandz has just released the latest pack of brand new Silly Bandz designs. The Hollywood Silly Bandz Pack contains twenty-four rubber band bracelets, four each of six different designs. The Hollywood Silly Bandz shapes include a palm tree, director’s chair, video camera, film clapperboard, VIP, and I♥LA. The Hollywood Silly Bandz Pack is currenlty available on Sillybandz.com.


Kim Kardashian Holding Contest To Win Signed Kardashian Silly Bandz

Do you want to win a signed pack of Kardashian Silly Bandz? Then you're in luck, because Kim Kardashian is holding a contest on her website to give away eight signed packs of Kardashian Silly Bandz. To enter the contest, you just have to leave a comment on a specific post on the Kim Kardshian website and answer a question that Kim Kardashian has asked. The question from Kim Kardashian is "If you could design your own SillyBandz pack, what shapes would they be and what would you call them?" The contest runs through 12pm PST on Tuesday, April 26, so you still have time to enter.

Silly Bandz Website Is Down

If you've been trying to reach the official Silly Bandz website recently, then you might have noticed that it has been down. It's actually not a problem with the Silly Bandz website directly, but it is a problem where they are hosting the website. Amazon's EC2 Datacenter is having technical difficulties, and several websites across the Internet that utilize the Amazon EC2 Datacenter have been down. Amazon has been working on fixing the problem for a couple days now. However, if you can't wait to get your Silly Bandz, then don't worry. Silly Bandz has posted two phone numbers you can call to order. If you want to know about the different packs that Silly Bandz carries, just check out the Silly Bandz category on Animal Bracelets Blog, as I've posted about all their different designs in the past. Some of their most popular designs include Kardashian Silly Bandz, Justin Bieber Silly Bandz, Angry Birds Silly Bandz, and the new Piper's Picks Silly Bandz.


Silly Brandz To Introduce Mystery Product

Silly Brandz Global, the company behind Silly Bandz, seems to have a new product in the works. What is the new product? They're not telling yet, but they've already launched a Facebook fan page for it. The Facebook fan page calls the product a "Mystery Product" and the only post says "Be the first of your friends to hear about the newest product from SillyBrandz!" The only photo for the "Mystery Product" shows a big question mark. However, there is one really big clue as to what the "Mystery Product" may be. The Facebook fan page address is http://www.facebook.com/RadRingz, so I'm thinking the "Mystery Product" will be a ring version of Rad Bandz.


Piper's Picks Silly Bandz Pack Photos

Awhile back, I blogged about Piper's Picks Silly Bandz, which are shapes by Piper Reese who is an entertainment reporter and Internet personality. She stars on Piper's Picks TV and Piper's QUICK Picks. Now, I have a pack of Piper's Picks Silly Bandz, and I wanted to share some photos. The Piper's Picks Silly Bandz Pack contains six different Silly Bandz shapes and a special collector's card. Above is aphoto of the front of the Piper's Picks Silly Bandz Pack.

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Angry Birds Silly Bandz Pack Photos

The Angry Birds Silly Bandz Pack contains twenty-four rubber band bracelets, four each of six different shapes. The Angry Birds Silly Bandz are based on shapes in the popular Angry Birds video game. Above is a photo of the front of the Angry Birds Silly Bandz Pack. The Angry Birds Silly Bandz Pack is available on Sillybandz.com.

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Kaley Cuoco Loves Silly Bandz

In an interview with Piper Reese on PipersPicksTV, Kaley Cuoco, who is an actress on Big Bang Theory and in the movie HOP, expressed her love for Silly Bandz. When Kaley noticed the Silly Bandz that Piper was wearing, Kaley said, "You have Silly Bandz, I'm really jealous, because I love Silly Bandz."


Piper's Picks Silly Bandz

Silly Bandz has teamed up with a famous tween celebrity reporter to launch Piper's Picks Silly Bandz. Piper Reese is an entertainment reporter and Internet personality. She has her own podcasts called Piper's Picks TV and Piper's QUICK Picks. Piper is ten years old, and she started hosting her own show when she was only seven years old. Piper's Pick Silly Bandz shapes include a heart, blue and yellow Piper silhouettes, and the words Piper, Picks, and PQP (Stands for Piper’s Quick picks). Piper's Pick Silly Bandz are available on Sillybandz.com. Look for them next to the custom Silly Bandz box. Piper is also on Twitter and Facebook.


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