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Bandz-A-Palooza On Saturday

I blogged about Bandz-A-Palooza awhile back, but I wanted to post a reminder because the actual event takes place tomorrow. Bandz-A-Palooza sounds like it is going to be one of the biggest Bandz events ever, and it's also helping to benefit a very worthy cause, as a portion of the proceeds from each pack of Bandz sold will be donated to the fund to build the new Ronald McDonald House in Syracuse, NY. There will be over a 100 different styles of Bandz on sale at Bandz-A-Palooza.

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Animal Rubber Bands New York & New Jersey News

Several new articles about Animal Bracelets in the New York & New Jersey areas. In New Jersey, The Daily Record has an article called “Silly Bandz All The Rage With Morris Schoolchildren.” The article has a quote saying that the bandz are like bags of gold to children. The owner of the Toy Box kiosk at the Rockaway Townsquare Mall says that Silly Bandz are the hottest toy since Beanie Babies and Pokemon cards in the nineties.

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Silly Bandz In New York Times

More Animal Bracelets news out of New York. The New York Times has an article called “Silly Bandz, the Bracelets That Spring Off Shelves.” The article tells how silicone bracelets are popular with kids from elementary to high school. Toy stores in New York and New Jersey are selling out of the bracelets.  An interesting point made is that when schools start banning the bracelets, they are actually becoming even more popular with kids because they are contraband.

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Rubber Band Bracelets In New York News

As I blogged recently, Animal Bracelets have taken New York by storm. SILive.com has an article called "Bandz bracelets are big news." The article covers rubber band bracelets have become really popular in Staten Island, New York. Learning Express in Charleston was the first toy store on Staten Island to carry bandz. The article notes that the Animal Bracelets craze only recently took off in the area, and now several others stores like Walgreens, Target, Toys R' Us, and card stores carry the bracelets also.

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Where Can You Find Animal Bracelets In New York?


New York is a new hot state for Animal Bracelets. I’m getting a lot of email from people asking where you can find Silly Bandz or Animal Bracelets or Animal Rubber Bands in New York. New York is also now the second highest state in number of visitors coming to Animal Bracelets Blog. Even though Animal Bracelets are becoming hugely popular in New York, they are also apparently hugely difficult to find in New York. While there are a lot of stores that carry Animal Bracelets in New Jersey, virtually no one appears to be carrying them in New York City. If you know of places in New York City carrying Animal Bracelets, then please add them in the comment section of this post. Here is a list of stores that I have put together for the state of New York.

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