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Animal Rubber Bands New York & New Jersey News

Several new articles about Animal Bracelets in the New York & New Jersey areas. In New Jersey, The Daily Record has an article called “Silly Bandz All The Rage With Morris Schoolchildren.” The article has a quote saying that the bandz are like bags of gold to children. The owner of the Toy Box kiosk at the Rockaway Townsquare Mall says that Silly Bandz are the hottest toy since Beanie Babies and Pokemon cards in the nineties.

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Animal Bracelets Really Popular In New Jersey

Animal Bracelets are becoming really popular in New Jersey. For the first time, I actually had more visitors to Animal Bracelets Blog from the state of New Jersey than any other state. Previously, Alabama had always been the top state for sending traffic, followed by Tennessee. For the month of January, it was a very close race, but there were slightly more visitors from New Jersey than Alabama.

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Animal Bracelets In New Jersey

While the Animal Bracelets craze started in Alabama and seems to be most popular in Southeastern states, the popularity of Animal Bracelets is really starting to take off in New Jersey as well. Most of the articles I have seen in the past have been from Alabama and Tennessee based newspapers and websites, but I just saw this article that was posted a little while back on a New Jersey website. MyVeronaNJ.com has an article called "Animal Bracelets Alert!" The article talks about how Animal Bracelets have become a hot gift, and it lists  the brands Sillybandz, Toysmith, and ZanyBandz. It also lists a couple places in New Jersey to find Animal Bracelets, like Learning Express, Terry's Drugs, and Trend Coffee Bar and Boutique.

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