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Dale Earnhardt Jr. Bandz

I previously blogged that Legend Bandz had signed a deal to produce NASCAR Bandz. Now, Legend Bandz has announced their first set of bandz based on a specific NASCAR driver. Legend Bandz is making Dale Earnhardt Jr. Bandz. The Dale Jr. Bandz Pack will contain twenty rubber band bracelets, four each of five different designs. Above is a picture of the Dale Jr. Bandz Pack.

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Legend Bandz isn’t just about music. In addition to Michael Jackson Bandz, KISS Bandz, and Lil Wayne Bandz, Legend Bandz will also be producing officially licensed NASCAR Bandz.  The first NASCAR Bandz releases will be two different silicone shaped bracelets packs, Daytona and Talledega, featuring the NASCAR logo, Sprint Cup trophy and each tracks iconic shape. Legend Bandz is also releasing a NASCAR silicone shaped ringz pack. Above is a picture of the NASCAR Bandz Daytona Pack.

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