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Moshi Bandz To Include Gold Bandz & Silver Bandz

Back in early August, I reported on Moshi Bandz, which are rubber band bracelets based on the popular online game Moshi Monsters. In the original press release from Mind Candy, it was noted that some of the the Moshi Bandz would be ultra rare. In an article on The Next Web, some new information was revealed about the rare Moshi Bandz. There will be 56 Moshi Bandz styles in eleven different colors. There will be rare silver Moshi Bandz and even rarer gold Moshi Bandz. Moshi Bandz are scheduled to be relased in the UK on October 30, but they apparently won't be available in the United States until later this year.


Moshi Bandz Feature Moshi Monsters

These sound really cool. Moshi Bandz are based on the online game called Moshi Monsters. The Moshi Monsters game has over twenty-four million players worldwide, so Moshi Bandz should be a big hit. According to Mind Candy, who is the company behind Moshi Monsters, Moshi Bandz will come in blind packs containing an assortment of 10 Bandz. Moshi Bandz will feature Moshi characters, and Moshi Bandz can be worn and traded with friends. There will be hundreds of Moshi Bandz to collect, and they will range from common through to the Ultra Rare.

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