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Wolverine Bandz

Logo Bandz is producing quite a few Marvel Bandz under their Character Bandz line. Already, we've seen Spiderman Bandz, Iron Man Bandz, Marvel Universe Bandz Series 1, Marvel Universe Bandz Series 2, and Fantastic Four Bandz. Now, the Forever Collectibles Facebook Fan Page (be sure to become their fan if you haven't already) had revealed bandz for everyone's favorite mutant. Yes, make way for Wolverine Bandz. The Wolverine Bandz Pack contains twenty rubber band bracelets, four each of five different designs.

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Disney Bandz & Marvel Bandz To Ship Next Week

According to a report in Advertising Age, Disney Bandz and Marvel Bandz made by Logo Bandz will start shipping next week. The Ad Age report talks about how Silly Bandz may be the new Webkinz, and a spokesperson from Hallmark Stores is quoted as saying they are having trouble keeping Silly Bandz in stock. The article goes on to talk about how now brands are getting involved in the Silly Bandz craze. Forever Collectibles, who makes Logo Bandz, is licensing sports and entertainment properties for rubber band bracelets. Ad Age talks about how the Disney Bandz and Marvel Bandz are already starting to get buzz on the Internet. Of course, it would have been nice if they would have mentioned that Animal Bracelets Blog was the first to blog about the new Disney Bandz and Marvel Bandz, but maybe next time :-)

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Marvel Comics Bandz

The superhero invasion of the Silly Bandz craze continues. In addition to Spiderman Bandz, Iron Man Bandz, Fantastic Four Bandz, and the yet unseen Wolverine Bandz, there are two sets of various Marvel Comics superheroes and villains. These two sets are being called Marvel Superheroes Bandz Sets 1 and 2. I already blogged about the first set, and now here are some photos of the second set. The Marvel Superheroes 2 Bandz Pack contains Abomination, Ghost Rider, Galactus, Thor, and Captain America rubber bands. These Marvel Bandz are made by Logo Bandz and have the name Character Bandz on the packaging.

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Fantastic Four Bandz

Spiderman Silly Bandz, Iron Man Silly Bandz, and now also Fantastic Four Silly Bandz, except they are made by Logo Bandz and called Character Bandz. I'm surprised that Fantastic Four Bandz were made before X-Men Bandz. However, there are supposedly Wolverine Bandz in the works, but I haven't seen any pictures. The different powers of the Fantastic Four actually lend themselves to make some very cool shaped bands.

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Iron Man Bandz

As I've blogged, there are Silly Bandz versions of several Marvel Comics characters in the works. Most people are calling them Marvel Silly Bandz or Marvel Bandz, but they are actually made by Logo Bandz under the Character Bandz name. Spiderman Bandz were the first revealed, but now other superhero bandz are popping up. With the Iron Man 2 movie just released, it's no surprise that there is going to be a set of Iron Man Bandz.

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Marvel Superheroes Bandz

Last week, I broke the news that there were going to be Spiderman Bandz. I said that I wouldn't be surprised if there were other superhero bandz in the works. This week, everyone is buzzing about Marvel Silly Bandz, except they aren't made by Silly Bandz. Marvel Bandz are made by Logo Bandz and will apparently be called Character Bandz. The first set of Marvel Superheroes Bandz actually feature a combination of heroes and villains. In the Marvel Universe Character Bandz first set are Juggernaut, Punisher, Incredible Hulk, Dr. Doom, and Silver Surfer rubber bands.

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