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Kardashian Silly Bandz Have Arrived

Back in early December, I blogged that Kim Kardashian Silly Bandz were in the works. Now, Kardashian Silly Bandz have officially been released, and they feature not only Kim Kardashian but Kourtney Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian as well. The Kardashian Silly Bandz Pack contains twenty four Silly Bandz, two each of twelve different shapes. Kardashian Glam Silly Bandz

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Kim Kardashian Silly Bandz In The Works

Silly Bandz has just announced two huge new licensing deals. In addition to the Farmville Silly Bandz which I previously posted about, Silly Bandz has also announced a deal with the Kardashian family. Yes, officially licensed Kim Kardashian Silly Bandz are in the works. In an appearance on Bloomberg TV, Silly Bandz owner Rob Croak said, "We're also doing something with the Kardashians, which is going to be a really fun project that you can look for in a couple weeks."

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