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Christmas Silly Bandz Proving Hard To Find

Silly-bandz-santa-claus-yellow After checking Nashville area stores that carry Silly Bandz, none of them have received Christmas Silly Bandz yet. Most are predicting that their Christmas Silly Bandz orders will start arriving sometime next week.

However, it looks like Birmingham, Alabama might be the first city to receive Christmas Silly Bandz. Silly Bandz City in the Riverchase Galleria in Hoover, Alabama was expecting to receive 288 Christmas Silly Bandz packs today, but it looks like they will be arriving Saturday instead. They are expecting to receive them around 11 AM on Saturday, November 6, 2009, but people can email them at [email protected] to check for sure.

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Silly Bandz City Is Getting In Silly Bandz Christmas Packs

Silly-bandz-stocking Just got some breaking news. First, Silly Bandz City in the Riverchase Galleria in Hoover, Alabama was able to extend their lease on their mall kiosk, and they will be open through December 31, 2009. Second, Silly Bandz City has gotten word that they will actually be receiving 288 packs of the Silly Bandz Christmas shapes on this Friday, November 6, 2009. I've blogged about the Holiday Silly Bandz before, and they are supposed to be very limited. However, just in case, you can email Silly Bandz City at [email protected] to make sure the shipment did arrive on time. Odds are the Silly Bandz Christmas shapes will sell out very fast, because everyone is waiting for them.

Silly Bandz City also has a lot of stock on all the other Silly Bandz Packs currently in production. They even have the new Silly Bandz Dinosaur Pack that I blogged about that contains the Tyrannosaurus Rex, the Triceratops, and the Foot Print.

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Will Santa Claus Be Most Popular Of Christmas Silly Bandz?

Santa-claus-silly-bandz There is lots of excitement buzzing about the upcoming Holiday themed rubber bands from Silly Bandz. The Holiday Silly Bandz are supposed to be hitting stores sometime in early to mid-November. The assortment includes Snowman, Christmas Tree, Stocking, Candy Cane, Santa Claus, and Angel. Of this group, I think the Santa Claus will likely turn out to be the favorite of many. The Santa Claus Silly Bandz has a great design, and the shape should translate well into being worn as a bracelet.

I think Silly Bandz did a great job in designing the shapes for their Holiday assortment. Some shapes I would like to see in future Christmas Holiday assortments would be Elf, Reindeer, Christmas Wreath, and Snowflake.


Holiday Rubber Bands Are Coming


If you haven't already heard, there is some very exciting news in the world of Animal Bracelets. Holiday Bandz are coming! Some stores have already started taking pre-orders for holiday shaped rubber bands. These Holiday Bandz come in the shapes of Snowmen, Christmas Trees, Angels, Santa Claus, Candy Canes, and Stockings. They are supposed to arrive in stores in early to mid-November, and rumor is that stock will be extremely limited. One of the online stores we came across that is taking pre-orders for the holiday shaped rubber bands is called National School Products.


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