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How Many Got Animal Bracelets In Their Stocking?

Merry Christmas from Animal Bracelets Blog. How many of you wound up with Animal Bracelets in your stocking this year?

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Various Holiday Rubber Band Shapes And Colors

With today being Christmas Eve, I though I would take the opportunity to post some of the various shapes and colors of Holiday Rubber Band Bracelets. First up is a collection of five Snowman rubber band bracelets.


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New Christmas Animal Bracelets

I just got in some new Christmas Animal Bracelets. I have seen these before, so I think they've been out for awhile, but I just got my set, so they are new to me. These four holiday shaped rubber bands did not come in a package so I'm not sure who makes them. This new Christmas assortment includes a Ginger Bread Man, a Christmas Tree, a Stocking, and a Snowman. Here are the pictures.


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Baby Christmas Tree Rubber Band In Light And Dark Green

I've got two different versions of the Baby Christmas Tree rubber band. I've got a dark green version that came in a generic plastic bag and I've got a light green version that came in the Toysmith Fun Shapes Pack. The dark green version is likely the most rare, as there are lots more Toysmith Fun Shapes Packs with the light green Baby Christmas Trees starting to show up in stores.



Thanksgiving Day Rubber Bands

I blogged about how I wish Silly Bandz made Halloween Rubber Bands. With today being Thanksgiving, I also through it would be kind of cool if Silly Bandz did a Thanksgiving Day assortment. What shapes should they make for Thanksgiving? Here are some ideas.

Turkey Rubber Band

Pilgrim Rubber Band

Arrow Rubber Band

Football Rubber Band

Ear Of Corn Rubber Band

Feather Rubber Band

Does anyone else have any good ideas for shaped rubber bands for a Thanksgiving Day assortment?


Snowflake Rubber Bands

I just got in a package of four different Snowflake shaped rubber bands. I don't know who makes these as they came in a plastic bag instead of a package. I found them on eBay.



Baby Gingerbread Man & Baby Christmas Tree Holiday Rubber Bands

I just got a new holiday rubber band assortment. It came in a little plastic bag and included four each of six different shapes. I’m not sure why the heart shape was included, as it isn’t really holiday, but all the others have a holiday theme. This assortment included Gingerbread Men, Christmas Trees, Stockings, Hearts, Stars, and Snowflakes.


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Do Christmas Silly Bandz Come In Different Colors?

To the excitement of everyone, Christmas Silly Bandz (also known as Holiday Shapes Silly Bandz) have started arriving in stores that sell Animal Bracelets. One frequent question that everyone seems to be asking is if the Christmas Silly Bandz come in different colors. At least in the initial shipments that I am seeing in stores, all the Christmas Silly Bandz shapes appear to be coming in the same color.

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Christmas Silly Bandz Revealed

I finally got my pack of Christmas Silly Bandz. Everyone is calling them Christmas Silly Bandz, even though they are officially called the Holiday Shapes. These new Christmas shapes are now my favorite Silly Bandz. The holiday shapes pack assortment is Snowman, Christmas Tree, Stocking, Candy Cane, Santa Claus, and Angel. In a twenty-four pack of holiday shapes, there are four each of the six different shapes. My favorite from the Silly Bandz Holiday Shapes assortment is the Santa Claus.

Here is a photo of the Silly Bandz Holiday Shapes Pack.


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Silly Bandz City Has Christmas Silly Bandz In Stock

Sillybandzcity-logo Just got some breaking news for Silly Bandz fans in the Birmingham, Alabama area. Silly Bandz City in the Riverchase Galleria in Hoover, Alabama just confirmed that they did in fact get the Christmas Silly Bandz in today (Saturday, November 7, 2009). However, they also said that they are going fast. Since everyone has been waiting for this new Holiday assortment and this marks the first in-store spotting of them, I would expect they will sell out quickly. If you're reading this post late, then you can email Silly Bandz City at [email protected] to see if they still have any.

Silly Bandz City is located in Riverchase Galleria in Hoover, Alabama. The kiosk is near The Disney Store, Build-A-Bear Workshop, and the Lego Store.


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