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Silly Bandz In Tampa News

As I've blogged before, Florida is the latest state to catch Animal Bracelets fever. Stories about Silly Bandz are starting to show up in Florida newspapers and websites. Tampa Bay Online has a story called "Silly Bandz take shape as hot collectible.The article talks about how Silly Bandz have really caught on with Tampa Bay school children. Walgreens is mentioned as one of the stores that kids go to in search of Silly Bandz.

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Red Wagon Toy Store Coupon

Red-wagon-toy-store I know that Animal Bracelets are getting really popular in Florida, and I have a special coupon to pass on to help all Animal Bracelets Blog Florida readers save some money. The Red Wagon Toy Store is a popular place to buy Animal Bracelets in Florida, and they carry the Stretchy Shapes assortment. The Red Wagon Toy Store is located at 9715 W. Sample Road, Coral Springs, Florida 33065. After the link is a Red Wagon Toy Store coupon that will save you $10 off on a purchase of $50 or more.

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Silly Bandz In Florida News

The Animal Bracelets craze is spreading across America. I just saw the first article about Silly Bandz that I've seen in a Florida newspaper. I've also noticed that the number of visitors from Florida to Animal Bracelets Blog has really been picking up lately, so Animal Bracelets must be catching on in Florida. TampaBay.com has an article from the St. Petersburg Times called "Silly Bandz, tuition anxiety, talk about me."

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