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City Bandz To Have Black Friday Sale

The City Bandz kiosk in Sawgrass Mill Mall in Sunrise, Florida is having a Black Friday sale. They are located in Avenue #3 in front of Hot Topic Store and Bose. The City Bandz Black Friday sale is buy one get one free on select styles. I've posted pictures of some of their flyers.

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City Bandz Kiosk In Sawgrass Mill Mall In Sunrise, Florida

A new Bandz kiosk has opened in Sawgrass Mill Mall in Sunrise, Florida. They are located in Avenue #3 in front of Hot Topic Store and Bose. They have a wide variety of Animal Bracelets in various shapes. They sent me a couple pictures of the City Bandz Kiosk that I wanted to share.

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Silly Bandz Saturday Swap Parties

Lots of mall kiosks and stores hold Silly Bandz Swap parties on Saturdays. Here are two that I know about going on today, but feel free to add any others to the comment section below. In the Nashville, Tennessee area, there will be a Silly Bandz Trader Event at the Fad Banditz Kiosk in the Cool Springs Galleria Mall on Saturday, July 10 from 12 PM to 4 PM. In Tampa, Florida, there will be a Silly Bandz Swap at the Bandzamania Kiosk in International Plaza on Saturday, July 10 from 10 AM to 12 Noon.

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Silly Bandz, Etc. Kiosks Opening In Lakeland And Orlando, Florida

Fad Banditz operates several Silly Bandz, Etc. kiosks in Florida, Tennessee, and Texas. They are now opening two brand new Silly Bandz, Etc. kiosks in Florida. Today (Friday, June 4, 2010), Fad Banditz is grand opening a new kiosk in the Lakeland Square Mall, in Lakeland, Florida. Then next Friday (June 11, 2010), Fad Banditz is opening in Orlando, FL at the "The Loop" outside the movie theater. Fad Banditz carries several different brands of bandz at their Silly Bandz, Etc. kiosks including Silly Bandz, Bama Bandz, Stretchy Shapes, Zanybandz, Crazy Bands, and more.


Silly Bandz, Etc. Kiosk Trader Event

The Silly Bandz, Etc. Kiosks in Franklin, Tennessee and St. Petersburg, Florida are going to be having trader events this weekend. The Silly Bandz, Etc. Kiosk in Cool Springs Galleria Mall In Franklin, Tennessee will be having a Silly Bandz Trader Event on Saturday, May 22 from 2 PM to 5 PM. The Kiosk is located on the lower level, outside of Brookstone and Gap. There will be a ton of bandz to trade and specials on their bandz. New product will be debuted and prizes given to the kid with the most bandz. They carry both Allie’s Beach Bands and Allie’s Circus Bands. The Silly Bandz, Etc. Kiosk in Tyrone Mall in St. Petersburg, Florida will also be having a Silly Bandz Trader Event on Saturday, May 22 from 2 PM to 5 PM.


Silly Bandz Still Strong In Florida

The Silly Bandz craze is still going strong in Florida. The Tampa Tribune recently ran an article called “Kids of all ages keep Silly Bandz in demand.” The article said that Silly Bandz are so popular that schools are having to restrict trading to lunch time and local stores are having trouble keeping up with demand. Featured in the article was BandzAmania, which is a rubber band kiosk in the International Plaza in Tampa, Florida. News Channel 8 in Tampa also did a story that included BandzAmania. According to the report, BandzAmania is holding Silly Bandz swap parties every Saturday morning from 10AM to noon. In addition to showing several different brands of bandz, the report also featured the new KeeperZ & TraderZ.


The Band Wagon Opening In Tampa, Florida

The-Band-Wagon-Logo The Band Wagon is opening a brand new location in Tampa, Florida on Saturday, May 1, 2010. The new Band Wagon location will be in the Westshore Plaza Mall, across from New York and Company. The Westshore Plaza Mall is located at 250 North Westshore Plaza, Tampa, Florida 33609. In addition to carrying everything from Silly Bandz including new releases, the Band Wagon will also carry some exclusive necklaces and bracelets and other toys. The kiosk is set to open at 10 AM on Saturday.


Bandzamania Kiosk Opening In Tampa, Florida

Bandzamania-logo Animal Bracelet kiosks are opening up in malls all across America. Kiosks have already made it into malls in Alabama, Mississippi, Kentucky, and Tennessee, and now Florida has its own kiosk. Bandzamania opened today (April 1, 2010) in International Plaza in Tampa, Florida. International Plaza is located at 2223 North Westshore Blvd., Tampa, FL 33607. The Bandzamania kiosk is located near the Build-A-Bear store. Bandzamania is currently carrying over thirty different styles from Stretchy Shapes, Crazy Bands, Zany Bandz, Goofy Bands, and Silly Bandz. Their website at Bandzamania.com has a listing of their current and upcoming inventory.

Creating Music With Silly Bandz

While everyone knows I like creating my own artwork with Animal Bracelets, a Florida elementary school has found another unique use for Animal Bracelets. Tampa Bay Online has a story about a school that is making music with Silly Bandz. The article appears in the Carrollwood News & Tribune section and is called "Student-created instruments include toe-tapping fun."

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Rubber Band Bracelets Popular In Miami-Dade

More news about how popular Animal Bracelets are becoming in the state of Florida. There have already been a couple Silly Bandz articles in the Tampa news. Now, the Animal Bracelets craze has spread to the Broward, Miami-Dade area. The Miami Herald has an article called "Broward, Miami-Dade kids snap up rubber band bracelets."

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