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The Band Wagon Closes In Three Days

If you're in the Birmingham, Alabama area, there are only three more days left to shop at The Band Wagon mall locations. The two Band Wagon locations are closing on December 31, 2009. As a thank you to all their customers, for the next three days, The Band Wagon is giving away a free Animal Bracelets collector card with every purchase. They also have a store closing deal where customers can buy a Dino 12 Pack for just $1 with any purchase. Both deals are while supplies last of course.

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Kids Can't Collect Enough Animal Bracelets

Animal Bracelets are in the news in Alabama again. The Shelby County Reporter, which is the newspaper for Shelby Count, Alabama, has an article called "Silly band craze." The article talks about how multicolored rubber bands in various shapes have captured the attention of elementary, middle, and high school students.

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Silly Bandz And Crazy Bands In Birmingham News

CBS 42 News in Birmingham, Alabama has another news story on the Silly Bandz craze. Their new story is called "Tis The Season For Silly Bandz." According to CBS 42 News, Silly Bandz are still high in demand for kids. The story reports on four new styles by Silly Bandz and another company called Crazy Bands. The four new styles are Christmas, Religious, and Football in either crimson and white or orange and blue. The story points out that the hardest ones to find right now are the newer ones like the Christmas ones.


Rare Shapes Animal Bracelets At The Band Wagon


The Band Wagon has gotten in a new 12 Pack of Animal Bracelets called the Rare Shapes Pack. There are four different shapes in the Rare Shapes Pack. The shapes are House, Snowflake, Ginger Bread Man, and Purple Lion. While the Rare Shapes Pack is not an exclusive to The Band Wagon like the Stretchy Shapes are, the Band Wagon says they bought out the manufacturer’s entire supply, so you are unlikely to find them anywhere else.

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Band Wrangler Loaded With Animal Bracelets

About a week ago, I blogged about some really cool metal clips that The Band Wagon has for holding your Animal Bracelets. The Band Wagon has the metal clips in exclusive designs, and they call them Band Wranglers. Initially, The Band Wagon got Band Wranglers in Heart, Butterfly, Car, and Bone shapes. However, they now also have them in Flower, Fish, and Dollar Sign shapes. I recently got a Band Wrangler of my very own (the purple butterfly), and I loaded it up with several Animal Bracelets.

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The Band Wagon Holding Two New Giveaways

The-Band-Wagon-Logo Earlier I posted about how The Band Wagon (formerly Silly Bandz City) held a contest to guess their second location and win a house-shaped rubber band. Now, they are holding two new giveaways, one at their original location in The Galleria and one at their brand new location in The Summit.

To enter to win a blue boy symbol rubber band, stop by The Band Wagon location at The Summit. The blue boy symbol would be a perfect match for the pink girl symbol in the Silly Bandz Basic Shapes pack. To enter to win a red umbrella rubber band, stop by The Band Wagon location at The Galleria.

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Silly Bandz On Birmingham TV News

Silly Bandz are in the news again in Birmingham, Alabama. ABC 33/40 ran a segment where they talked to several kids about Silly Bandz at a Learning Express store. Like other news reports, they compare the popularity of Silly Bandz to Cabbage Patch Dolls, Beanie Babies, and Webkinz. ABC 33/40 says the three Learning Express stores in Birmingham went from selling 24 packs of Silly Bandz a month to selling 7,000 packs a month.


Silly Bandz City Is Now The Band Wagon

The-Band-Wagon-Logo Silly Bandz City is growing and changing its name. Silly Bandz City, which started as a single mall kiosk in Riverchase Galleria in Hoover, Alabama, has announced that they will be opening a second location. Their second location will be in Birmingham, Alabama at The Summit between Johnny Rocket's and the movie theatre (the old Ben & Jerry's location.) Their new location is scheduled to open on November 16, 2009.

Also, since they are now carrying multiple lines of rubber bands, Silly Bandz City is changing their name to The Band Wagon. Check out their cool new logo. The original location is currently open during Riverchase Galleria mall hours: Monday through Saturday from 10 AM to 9 PM and Sunday from 12 PM to 6 PM. Keep reading for a stock update as of November 10, 2009.

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Silly Bandz City Holding Contest For House-Shaped Rubber Band Bracelet

House-bracelet Silly Bandz City, which is currently located in Birmingham at the Riverchase Galleria by The Disney Store, is going to be opening a second store in Birmingham. To celebrate their upcoming new store, Silly Bandz City is holding a contest where people can try to guess their new store location.

The first person who correctly and specifically guesses the location of their new store will win a one-of-a-kind house-shaped rubber band bracelet (as seen in the photo above). According to Silly Bandz City, the blue house-shaped bracelet is not sold in stores anywhere (including their store). By specifically guessing the location, Silly Bandz City is looking for an exact location and more than just a mall name or area of town.

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Animal Bracelets On Public Radio

There was a story about Animal Bracelets on public radio station 90.3 FM (WBHM) in Birmingham, Alabama. The story is now posted on the station's website. WBHM's Andrew Yeager talks about how stores are getting flooded with phone calls and parents are having to get on waiting lists to get Silly Bandz for their kids.

Andrew Yeager also talks about the company called Brain Child Products that makes Silly Bandz. There are even quotes from Sean McGowan, who tracks the toy industry for Needham and Company. McGowan says Silly Bandz remind him of other toy crazes like Beanie Babies and Webkinz.


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