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Battle Bands Starter Pack

Last week, I posted about a new toy called Battle Bands. Battle Bands combines the Bandz craze with the collectible cards craze and turns it into a game. I recently got a Battle Bands Starter Pack. While Battle Bands are targeting boys with sharks, monsters, and dragons, I think everyone will find the game fun. In the game, players shoot Battle Bands at the Battle Mat, and battles are won based on wheter the band lands and what type of band it is. The Battle Bands Starter Pack includes seven Battle Bands, seven Warrior Cards, and one Battle Mat. Above is a photo of the front of the Battle Bands Starter Pack.

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Battle Bands Revealed

There is a new brand of shaped rubber bands hitting stores. Battle Bands are a series of flexible, collectible, and tradable bands that double as game pieces.There are more than 70 different Battle Bands. Some of the various shapes include dragons, sharks, and monsters. What seperates Battle Bandz from other brands is that each Battle Band comes with a matching trading card.

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