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Bands On The Run: The Rubber Band Movie To Be Released

The rubber bands craze is getting its own movie. A new movie called Bands On The Run: The Rubber Band Movie has been announced. Bands On The Run is an animated movie that will follow the adventures of five novelty rubber bands, who accidently fall off the back of a delivery truck. The five rubber bands are Edison (shaped like a light bulb), Roxie (shaped like a rock star), Daisy (shaped like a flower), Ray (shaped like a TV), and Amelia (shaped like an airplane).

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Italian Bands

Bandz continue to catch on in countries outside the United States. The website EverythingItalian.com has some Italian themed rubber band bracelets. The Italian Bands Pack contains ten rubber band bracelets, two each of five different shapes. The Italian Bands shapes include Italian boot, Italy, heart, waving flag, and leaning tower of pisa. The Italian Bands are in the tie dye colors of red, white, and green, which are the colors of Italy's flag.


Valentine's Day Bandz

There are lots of Valentine's Day Bandz on the market. While Silly Bandz doesn't make a Valentine's Day Silly Bandz Pack, they do make Heart Silly Bandz which can be found in both the Silly Bandz Basic Pack and the Build-A-Pack Silly Bandz on Sillybandz.com.

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Smokey The Bear, Woodsy The Owl, And More Brand Bands

Yesterday, I posted some pictures of custom Brand Bands made by Gallant Gifts, and today, I have some more photos. Brand Bands made by Gallant Gifts for the most part are not sold at retail, and they are not available to the general public. Brand Bands are limited editions and made as short runs for clients of Gallant Gifts. More information can be found at GallantGifts.com. Above is a picture of a Smokey The Bear Brand Bands.

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Brand Bands

Just got sent some photos of some custom brand bands. These custom brand bands were made by Gallant Inc Promotional Products for their clients. The photo above is a Lion Brand Band. More information can be found at GallantGifts.com.

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Dragons Silly Bandz & Rubber Bands

Some of the most popular Bandz shapes are Dragons. There are several Bandz companies that have made Dragon shaped rubber bands including Silly Bandz, Zany Bandz, Buddy Bands, Character Bandz, Googly Bands, Rubba Bandz, and more. Above is a photo of several of the Dragon Bandz that I have. The red sparkle Dragon is the one made by Silly Bandz.


Guess The Bandz?

Here is a picture of a Bandz that someone emailed me. They did not know what shape it is supposed to be, and I have no idea either, so it is time to play "Guess the Bandz?" Does anyone know what shape this is supposed to be? Post your guesses in the comment section below.

Silly Stands Sale

Awhile back, I blogged about the Silly Stand, which is a new product for organizing Bandz. Silly Stand is having a special holiday sale on SillyStand.com. For every two Silly Stands that a customer buys, they can get a third Silly Stand for 60% off. Customers just need to use the coupon code "Holiday" to get the deal. The special holiday sale promotion runs from December 13 to December 19, 2010.


Bandzilla Stocking Stuffer Promotion

Bandzilla Fun Bands is running a stocking stuffer promotion. For the promotion, Bandzilla Fun Bands is giving away a free pack of Dragons Bandz with every online order. The Dragons Bandz Pack contains twenty-four rubber band bracelets, four each of six different tie-dye dragon shapes. The promotion is limited to as long as supplies last. This Dragons Bandz giveaway is in addition to the free shipping on online orders that Bandzilla is offering. More information can be found at BandzillaFunBandz.com.


Free Santa Bandz At Bass Pro Shops

Bass Pro Shops is setting up a special area in their store called Santa's Wonderland. Bass Pro Shops Santa's Wonderland will have over 3,500 square feet of games and activities. Kids can get a free photo with Santa taken, and they can also get free Santa Bandz. While supplies last, Bass Pro Shops will give away a free Santa Bandz to the first 150 kids to vist Santa's Wonderland between 5 PM and 7 PM on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursday.

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