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Pet Baby Animal Bracelets Photos

Last week, I blogged about a pack of Zoo Baby Animal Bracelets that I received. These Baby Animal Bracelets are made by a Japanese company called h Concept under the +d brand name. Yesterday, I just received in the mail a pack of the Zoo Baby Animal Bracelets. The packaging is very similar to the Zoo Baby Animal Bracelets, except the Pet Baby Animal Bracelets Pack has a purple band around the box instead of an orange band.


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Silly Bandz Makes Baby Animal Bracelets

Awhile back I blogged about a Japanese company called h Concept that made a baby version of the popular Animal Bracelets. Well, I just recently discovered that Silly Bandz also makes a Baby Animal Bracelet. I recently bought a Silly Bandz Zoo Pack and Silly Bandz Pet Pack, and when I opened them, I found Baby Animal Bracelets inside. Here are a couple pictures of the Silly Bandz Baby Animal Bracelets in a side by side comparison with the full size versions.

Silly Bandz Zoo Baby Animal Bracelets


Silly Bandz Pet Baby Animal Bracelets



Baby Animal Bracelets Come In Different Shades

As I've previously blogged, Baby Animal Bracelets are smaller animal rubber bands that are made by a Japanese company called h Concept. I just recently got a twenty-four pack of the Zoo Baby Animal Bracelets. Here is photo of the package.


When I opened the plastic case, I noticed that there are actually two different shades of the same color on the Baby Animal Bracelets. For example, the giraffe came in both a dark and light yellow. Here is a photo showing the different shades of color available.



Animal Rubber Band Videos


Remember when I blogged about Baby Animal Bracelets. I just came across some cool videos on the website of the company that makes them. The Baby Animal Bracelets are produced by a company called h concept under the +d line. On their website, there is a video of their various pet and zoo animal rubber bands moving around in a circle.

There is also a video of their dinosaur rubber bands. The dino rubber bands video is really cool because it features a prehistoric background in the beginning. There is also a warning to keep out. I was able to find some of the Baby Animal Bracelets at Learning Express, but they aren't sold at many stores in the United States. On the +d website most of the stores listed are overseas, but there is one U.S. store listed. JapaneseModernDesign.com carries the pet and zoo animal rubber bands.


Baby Animal Bracelets


Have you heard about Baby Animal Bracelets? They are basically smaller versions of Animal Bracelets that are made in Japan. They are sold under the brand +d, and they are made by a company called h concept. With Baby Animal Bracelets, you can match them up with the full size Silly Bandz and create an Animal Bracelets family. I've included pictures of a Ostrich Baby Animal Bracelet from +d next to a full size Ostrich Silly Bandz and also of a Hippo Babby Animal Bracelet from +d next to a full size Hippo Silly Bandz.



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