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Merry Christmas From Animal Bracelets Blog

Hope everyone got Silly Bandz in their stockings today. Merry Christmas from Animal Bracelets Blog. Here are some of my favorite Christmas Bandz. Above is a photo of the first Holiday Silly Bandz Pack.

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Bandz Collection Photos

Lots of people have emailed asking to see photos of my bandz collection. Many of my bandz I keep in the original packaging so I can keep track of all the different shapes. Here are some photos of my bandz collection.

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Hot Holiday Toys 2010

The holiday shopping season has begun. Already, some stores are struggling to keep some of the hot holiday toys for 2010 in stock. There have been a couple lists of what industry experts think the hot toys for 2010 will be, and I’ve made my own list the of Hot Christmas Toys for 2010.

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Limited Edition & Exclusive Silly Bandz & Animal Bracelets Photos

I received some photos of some limited edition and exclusive Silly Bandz and Animal Bracelets. These photos were sent in by Brittany. Above is a photo of an exclusive Silly Bandz pack sold at the Crayola Factory in Easton, Pennsylvania. The Crayola Factory Silly Bandz Pack contains four of each color crayon man.

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Animal Bracelets Blog Traffic August

Animal Bracelets Blog saw a huge uptick in traffic in mid-August when school started back up in most areas.  Justin Bieber Silly Bandz have also proved to be very popular, and Animal Bracelets Blog saw a record traffic day of over 17,000 hits on August 12 right after the Justin Bieber Silly Bandz were officially announced.

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Top Licensed Silly Bandz & Animal Bracelets

A big new trend in Silly Bandz & Animal Bracelets is officially licensed product. I’ve put together a list of the top ten licensed Bandz. This list includes both licensed product from the official Silly Bandz company, as well as product from other Animal Bracelets makers.

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Animal Bracelets Blog Review

Cool, Heartzcrazy did a review of Animal Bracelets Blog and posted it on Youtube.


The Band Book

There is now a new book out all about Bandz. The book is called The Band Book, and it includes tons of pictures of Bandz, funny sayings, quizzes, and a checklist. Above is a photo of the front cover of The Band Book, which includes pictures of some of the more popular Bandz. On the cover are the Phoenix, Dragon, Gecko, and Drum Set from Silly Bandz plus the Stretchy Shapes Peace Symbol and the Hedgehog which is made by several companies.

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Silly Bandz & Animal Bracelets Bestsellers On Amazon

Because Amazon.com is the largest online retailer, whatever Silly Bandz & Animal Bracelets that Amazon is selling is usually a good indicator of what the most popular Silly Bandz & Animal Bracelets are. Amazon publishes a list of the Top 100 Bestsellers in their Toys & Games category, and there are always a lot of Bandz on the list.

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Tiger Bandz Kiosk Sells Silly Bandz In Michigan

There are two Tiger Bandz kiosks in Michigan that sell a wide variety of Animal Bracelets. Tiger Bandz sells Silly Bandz, Funky Bandz, Crazy Bands, Logo Bandz, and more. They even have some of the rare Silly Bandz. Tiger Bandz kiosks are located at Great Lakes Crossing, 4000 Baldwin Road, Auburn Hills, Michigan 48326 and LakeSide Mall, 14000 Lakeside Circle Sterling Heights, Michigan 48313. Above is a photo of the Tiger Bandz Lakeside Mall Kiosk, which just opened this week.


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