Animal Bracelets FAQ's


Here is a list of frequently asked questions about Animal Bracelets (also known as animal rubber bands), along with my answers. Keep checking back as I will update this list from time to time with new FAQ’s,

1. What are Animal Bracelets? They are rubber bands made out of silicone that come in various shapes.

2. Why do kids call them Animal Bracelets? Some of the most popular shapes are zoo and farm animals, and kids like to wear them on their wrists as bracelets.

3. Do Animal Bracelets come in non-animal shapes? Yes, there are a variety of different shape rubber bands available. Besides zoo and farm animals, other shapes include sea creatures, dinosaurs, swimsuits, holiday shapes, and basic shapes (like star, sun, etc).

4. How many different Animal Bracelets are there? This is a tough question because there are always new shapes being released. There appear to be well over a hundred different ones and the list is growing. Check here for my complete Animal Bracelets List, which I continuously update.

5. Who makes Animal Bracelets? There are several companies making animal rubber bands, like Silly Bandz, Toysmith, +d by h Concept, and DiVoga by Office Max.

6. Why are kids going crazy over Animal Bracelets? Unlike a lot of toys, Animal Bracelets can go pretty much anywhere. Kids often wear them to school, and part of the fun is trading them with other kids. Animal Bracelets are fun to wear, collect, and trade.

7. Will Animal Bracelets ever be more popular than Beanie Babies? Probably, they are well on their way to becoming the next big toy fad. One thing they have going for them over other toy fads like Beanie Babies and Webkinz is that they are inexpensive and can easily be carried to school for trading.

8. What is the rarest Animal Bracelet? This is subject to debate, but the Silly Bandz Swimsuit Shapes are generally considered to be the most rare, because they are discontinued and no longer in production.

9. What is the most popular Animal Bracelet? Every kid has their favorite, so it is difficult to say. The Silly Bandz Sun is consistently one of the most popular shapes, because it is large enough for kids to wear either as a bracelet or necklace. I compile a weekly list of the Top Ten Animal Bracelets.

10. What are Baby Animal Bracelets? Baby Animal Bracelets are smaller versions of the popular zoo and farm animal rubber bands. They tend to be rarer than the full size versions, and kids like to use them to create animal families.

11. How much do Animal Bracelets cost? As toys go, Animal Bracelets are relatively inexpensive. Depending on where you buy and which brand you buy, packs usually run between $4.95 and $8.95.

12. Where can I buy Animal Bracelets? Check out my page that lists stores that sell Animal Bracelets.


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