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UPDATE: After nearly a decade, Animal Bracelets Blog is returning with the recent news that Sway LA and Sillybandz are partnering in an effort to revive the iconic brand. 

Hi, my name is Allie, and I'm the chief blogger for Animal Bracelets Blog. Animal Bracelets Blog is the leading source for Animal Bracelets, Silly Bands, and Silly Bandz news. Animal Bracelets Blog currently receives over 350,000 hits a month and is often quoted as a resource for Animal Bracelets/Silly Bandz collectors in news reports across the country.

My parents helped me set up this blog, but I am the Animal Bracelets fan in the family. I have over 5,000 Animal Bracelets, but I’m constantly getting more, so the number is always rising.

I’ve been collecting Animal Bracelets, Silly Bandz, and Silly Bands since mid-2009. I’m from Tennessee, and Tennessee was one of the first states (after Alabama), where Animal Bracelets became popular, so I was one of the early collectors.

Kids tend to call bandz by various names like Animal Bracelets, Silly Bands, Animal Bands, and Animal Rubber Bands. Many kids also just call them Silly Bandz, as Silly Bandz is the most well known of all the bandz companies and a favorite among kids. Other companies making bandz besides Silly Bandz include Bama Bandz, Believer Bands, Crazy Bands, Faith Bands, Funky Bandz, Goofy Bands, Googly Bands, Logo Bands, Loony Bandz, Rubba Bandz, Stretchy Shapes, Top Trenz, Wild Bands, and Zany Bandz.

In addition to reporting on Animal Bracelets, I’ve even designed my own bandz. After reading my blog, a company called Bama Bandz offered me the chance to create my own designs. Allie’s Beach Bands, Allie’s Circus Bands, and Allie's Monster Bandz are sold in stores across the United States and even around the world.

I’ve been featured in several news reports about Animal Bracelets and Silly Bandz.

Here is what some reports have said:

“Animal Bracelets Blog (animalbraceletsblog.com), written by an enterprising 8-year-old named Allie and cited by adult trendspotters..”News-Press of Fort Myers, Florida.

“Allie decided to start her own blog, www.animalbraceletsblog.com, as a resource for other animal bracelet collectors….This little 8-year-old entrepreneur has already raked in several thousand dollars in design royalties for her Beach Bands and Circus Bands bracelets, which are produced by Bama Bandz, and advertising on her animal bracelets blog.”
The Tennessean

"No one else had a blog about animal bracelets, and I thought they were cool."Clarion-Ledger of Jackson, Mississippi

“Nationwide, children clamor for the bands - prompting some school districts in the South to ban them as too disruptive. Allie, an 8-year-old from Nashville, Tenn., blogs about the trends, styles and bans at www.animalbraceletsblog.com.”The Columbus Dispatch

"Websites dedicated to rare silly bandz such as animalbraceletsblog.com mention such examples as bandz based on Disney characters, sports celebrities, Hello Kitty bandz, and Fantasy Silly bandz." - CNN

If you are a reporter, using Animal Bracelets Blog to research a story, you are welcome to use this blog or pictures from this blog as a resource, but please include a mention of Animal Bracelets Blog in your report. I am also glad to answer any questions you have via email at [email protected].


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