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Sway LA Boys Announce Partnership With Sillybandz


The Sway LA Boys are trying to bring back one of the hottest fads from a decade ago. On February 9, 2021, Sillybandz and TalentX issued a joint press release to announce the new plan for the iconic Sillybandz brand.

Noah Beck, Bryce Hall, Griffin Johnson, Blake Gray and Josh Richards are making their first investment as the Sway LA Boys group, and they picked Sillybandz because its a toy brand that played a huge role in their formative years.

The Sway Boys classified Sillybandz as their generation's equivalent of Beanie Babies, POGS, Tamagotchis, Furbies or Hatchimals. Around a decade ago, Sillybandz took over the toy market with the simple concept of colorful rubber band bracelets that came in an array of colors and shapes — including animals, letters, and more.

According to TalentX's announcement, Beck, Hall, Gray, Johnson, and Richards are coming together with Marshall Sandman, as well as TalentX Entertainment executives Michael Gruen and Maxwell Mitcheson to invest in Sillybandz as part of a relaunch of this legacy brand.

"The entire Sillybandz team and I are so excited to join forces with The Sway House and TalentX in making Sillybandz a worldwide phenomenon again," said Sillybandz founder Robert Croak.

Even though this is their first investment as a group, the Sway LA Boys are veteran investors and entrepreneurs. After co-founding TalentX Entertainment, Richards partnered with a number of companies, including fintech startup Lendtable, charity pet food company Dog For Dog, and faux fur band UnHide.

Richards, Johnson, and Beck made the move to digital entertainment juggernaut Triller last year, with Richards joining as the company's Chief Strategy Officer; Beck and Johnson joining as advisors; and all three becoming equity shareholders in the company. In addition, Richards and Hall teamed with Evan Burns to found Ani Energy Drink, a beverage designed to boost energy and sharpen focus without a caffeine crash.

"I'm excited to launch this new partnership with such a personal investment," Richards said. "I have a great reverence for Silly Bandz and look forward to starting a new chapter for this iconic brand."


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