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Silly Bandz Huge In Malaysia


While the Silly Bandz trend might have dropped off in the United States, Silly Bandz continue to be popular around the world. Malysia is the latest country where Silly Bandz have become hot. A recent article in the Malaysia Star calls Silly Bandz the latest kid fad. Just like last year in the U.S., students in Malaysia are now collecting Silly Bandz in the hundreds.

Judging from the article, the Marvel Comics Silly Bandz Pack is really popular. Kids are collecting and trading Silly Bandz shaped like Thor, Hulk, and Captain America. The celebrity Silly Bandz packs such as Justin Bieber Silly Bandz and Kardashian Silly Bandz are also mentioned as being popular in Malaysia.

Also, just like happened in the U.S., the idea of Silly Bandz Swap Days is catching on. One of the major sources for Silly Bandz in Malaysia is Borders, and the Borders Malaysia is having a Silly Bandz Swap Day on Sunday, August 21. Borders is encouraging kids to use their imagination and tell a story with Silly Bandz.


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Everyone wants to create the next Silly Bandz. However, it looks like the Silly Bandz company might be the ones to actually create the next Silly Bandz. I just got a couple packs of Rad Ringz, and they are..well...RAD! Everything from the packaging to the actual rings are really well done. Silly Bandz launched Rad Ringz with three different styles, which are Princess, Hipster, and Rock. It's really cool how the inserts are made to slide in and out of the rings, so you can trade them with friends.

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All country has its own fashion and style with different trend.Like Silly Bandz are we can see now in the Malaysia.I like your Article very much.

i ♥ silly bandz, are there going to have the fad again in America? :3

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Ok, what the heck. this blog has become a STUPID advice column that NO KID UNDERSTANDS. KIDS made this blog. KIDS care about Silly Bandz, not stupid grownups or teens or whatever you are that are doing these STUPID, UNRESPONDABLE, DUMB, advise\comment adversisement. THIS IS VERY DUMB!


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Silly brandz products are mostly based teenage's attractions.The kids love to wear these animal shaped hand bands.

I agree,Scoop.This has now become a bunch of scammers advertising some useless junk that belongs in a landfill.

they are cool not sure my ball and chain would approve. she's more traditional and loves her lola rose bracelets


i hate the nissan juke!

From France With Love,AGAS100.

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Bff, joel, bff. XD LANDFILL LANDMINE!! KA-POW!!!! i hate the advice thingies written by 'nike air max,' im a kid and I DON'T CARE!!

its not 'nike air max', its 'nike ear wax'!! his evil twin!! :O

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Will anyone comment?????? Will Allie ever post again?????

I got these thinking they were the real "Silly Bandz", but when I got them today they turned out to be some cheap knock off brand.
False advertisement I tell you. False advertisement.

who wants a bible no one can actually read?that really won't work... will it??....

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