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Silly Bandz In Inc. Magazine

Silly Bandz are on the cover of the latest issue of Inc. Magazine. The title of the main article is "How I Did It." It features profiles on fourteen company builders on their successes, failures, and lessons learned. One of the articles is on Robert Croak, who is the founder of Brainchild Products, which makes Silly Bandz.

The Inc. Magazine article about Robert Croak is called "How to Handle Crazy Demand." In the article, Robert Croak says that at the peak of the Silly Bandz craze his company was selling more than a million packs of Silly Bandz a week. He says Silly Bandz sales in the U.S. started to slow during the Summer of 2010.

However, Robert Croak says just because the craze has slowed in the U.S. that he hadn't given up, but he has been adding new products to go with the brand. Even though they aren't mentioned in the article, one of his big new products is Rad Ringz.


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I should admit that this is pretty successfully product

Nice magazine. It have always new issues and interesting topics every time. I like studying your posts. Stay up the good work!

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