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Shapys Are A New Line Of Shaped Wristbands

A new line of shaped wristbands has just launched. They are called Shapy's, and they have a website located at Shapys.com. In addition to being uniquely shaped, each Shapy's design has an inspirational message. Shapys is based out of Memphis, Tennessee, and they plan to make several different designs. The first four designs are all patriotic and include the Statue Of Liberty, an American eagle, the Liberty Bell, and the United States of America. Above is a picture of the Statue of Liberty design which includes the message "Life Liberty Happiness."

Here is a picture of the American eagle design which includes the message "Fly Like An Eagle."

Here is a picture of the Liberty Bell design which includes the message "Sound of Freedom."

Here is a picture of the United States of America design which includes the message "Land of the Free. Home of the Brave."



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they are soooooooo coool!!

Thank you Kristie! there is a coupon code available for 10% any order at shapys.com

Nice wristbands design. They are something new.

How about 'blubber bands' for whales?

They are sooooooooooo desparate.

Those look like they would be painful to wear, especially the eagle. Shaped rubber bands are one thing, they have elasticity...Silicone bracelets really don't stretch well enough to wear like this...These seem to be more collectable than wearable.

These bands are really looking cool. O just want to know that they are all available in four colors or only the liberty band is available. And I think too think that it will painful to wear eagle shaped band.


I am very excited for the introduce of your new line of patriotic bracelets. They are meaningful, motivational and inspirational and give you the freedom to express your feelings. Thanks for sharing.

WE WANT NEW POSTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've already seen these kinds of bracelets before, but not this kind. It proudly represents America. Lots of kids and teenagers will surely like this.

"Countless weddings have been performed in Hindi Cinema, but this is the first time that I have come across someone so keen to be in the limelight that he can go far enough to claim to have married Genelia D'Souza off," Shah said in a statement.

Actually I purchased all 4 designs for my kids and they loved it.

I was sceptical about these wristbands not being flexible but was happly surprised to find that they are quite elastic.

They are much better quality than those silly bands and they have a inspirational message which makes it great.

Highly recommend it. Thanks Allie and Shapys for sharing these inspirational bracelets.

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^^ ^^

This is a kitty!! Lolz

Shapys is based out of Memphis, Tennessee, and they plan to make several different designs.

jay b. LOLXXX

i ♥ silly bandz!!!!

We want this blog abandoned.

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I'll try to put this to good use immdeitaley.

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