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Rad Ringz Princess Pack

The Rad Ringz Princess Pack contains one two finger ring and three inserts. The inserts are a Princess Crown, the word "Beautiful," and the word "Princess." Rad Ringz come in various sizes, ranging from size 4-5 to size 9-10. Above is a photo of the front of the Rad Ringz Princess Pack.

Here is a photo of the back of a Rad Ringz package.

Here is a photo of the actual two finger ring and the three inserts.


RadRingz the new two finger ring from the creators of SillyBandz.


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Those probably hurt your fingers.

That's why they have different sizes.

OOH, i'm a spoiled lil princess, i wannt THOSE, mommy! *does in mocking voice*

Everyone wants to create the next Silly Bandz. However, it looks like the Silly Bandz company might be the ones to actually create the next Silly Bandz. I just got a couple packs of Rad Ringz, and they are..well...RAD! Everything from the packaging to the actual rings are really well done. Silly Bandz launched Rad Ringz with three different styles, which are Princess, Hipster, and Rock. It's really cool how the inserts are made to slide in and out of the rings, so you can trade them with friends.

You put a sock in it, Jon!

Just putting not being mean in anyway dosent help![

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