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Rad Ringz Announced By Silly Bandz

The company behind Silly Bandz is launching a brand new product called Rad Ringz. Rad Ringz are two finger rings with a collectible twist. Each Rad Ringz has a unique channel mechanism that allows the wearer to change out a message or icon. Rad Ringz come is several different styles, which are similar to Silly Bandz. Each Rad Ringz package contains one ring and three words and/or icons.

Collectors can also buy insert packs, which contain three words and/or icons. Rad Ringz is launching with three styles, which are Princess, Hipster, and Rock. Rad Ringz will also have several licensed versions, which will be launched at a later date. The licensed Rad Ringz will feature some of the most popular cartoon characters and some of the biggest names in music.

RadRingz the new two finger ring from the creators of SillyBandz.


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Two little rings went marching, one was a silly band, one was a bracelet. They went together and there are RadBand babies everywhere.....

I still think my comment's funny!!!

It was honestly a stupid comment

Everyone wants to create the next Silly Bandz. However, it looks like the Silly Bandz company might be the ones to actually create the next Silly Bandz. I just got a couple packs of Rad Ringz, and they are..well...RAD! Everything from the packaging to the actual rings are really well done. Silly Bandz launched Rad Ringz with three different styles, which are Princess, Hipster, and Rock. It's really cool how the inserts are made to slide in and out of the rings, so you can trade them with friends.



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