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U.S. Capitol Building Silly Bandz

Here is another very rare Silly Bandz. The U.S. Capitol Building Silly Bandz is available as one of the shapes offered in the Build A Pack Silly Bandz. The U.S. Capitol Building Silly Bandz is red, white, and blue tie dye. It can be purchased on Sillybandz.com.


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Cool and 1st comment!!Haha Kaleb

Shut up Jon! Ur an idiot! I've finallystopped it, so shut up! :)

When did Jon ever start posting on this site?

Me, Emily M, and Kaleb are the only ones that post so get out of the Hood Jon. LOL

BTW I have 12 of these and you misspelled U.S. Capitol (you said U.W. Capitol)

Um Kaleb 1st of all, i was making fun of u and never tell me to shut up!!!One day u will put a sock in it :)

Jordan T. u gotta problem for me posting in a Silly Bandz blog.What's the point your not my boss and nothing can happen to stop making blog things in the site so lets all be chill.Ok?

I was joking hint the "LOL" And I didnt have a problem with you and now I do I have more silly bandz more like 5 or 6 times the amount you have I have more custom silly bandz than allie herself and I am a true collector so do come into my hood and tell me to chill because when I hear people telling me to chill I do the opposite and get mad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and tiger! i post!

You put a sock in it, Jon!

And tiger I was just trying to think of some off the top of my head and I looked back in about 2 post so I didnt see you though so "and tiger"

Kaleb never stopped. And Jorden, it was probably just a typo.

thank you.

A bad bush is better than the open field.


You put a sock in it, Jon!

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