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Star of David Silly Bandz

The Star of David Silly Bandz is one of the Jewish Silly Bandz available in the Build A Pack Silly Bandz. The Star of David Silly Bandz is available on Sillybandz.com.


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This is cool. But Stretchy Shapes' is better. I'm not Jewish...

@Emily same here and that makes u racisted

how does that make her racist she just said she dosent like the shapes and that she is not Jewish wow dont judge people if your gonna be on this blog

@Jordan T. Um who do you think your talkin to because your talking to the wrong person and you're a cyberbully so leave me alone.And stop harassing me and if you still do i won't comment on you anymore!!

BTW let's be chill and be blog friends ok?I was trying to be nice.I hope Emily and you understand me.I'm sorry i know from right to wrong and everybody knows that.
So are we cool?

I don't know I will have to decide with my council of silly bandz advisors

BTW I am not cyberbulling I am putting you in your place because you would putting accusations on emily that where not right and I don't cyberbulling if you want to see me cyberbully just make me really mad but don't worry you are getting there

@Jordan T. Um i think we should stop this non sense.It's just annoying everybody has their personal opinions and we just wanna know why they dislike/like about the Silly Bandz. So let's just ignore the non sense and move on with this blog. I don't hate you Jordan it's just i wanna make things better here. I will stop accusing people here and be nicer.I can be mean sometimes it's just im fustrated in school work and i am really tired.So i can be very cranky when i'm tired so that's why im kind of being agressive.Lol i felt i wrote like an essay and btw i have to study now for mid term for school EW HATE IT

I'll consider your oppurtunity to be nice on this blog

i am black and emily called me the N word on her blog that she deleted so she IS racist. i had all my friends come to her blog after she called me the N word and that is why she deleted it

You never even went on my blog, Shanequa.
@jorden Thanks for sticking up for me. :)

Your welcome btw my name is spelled jordan

Oh, sorry. I know someone who spells it with an e so I'm used to spelling it that way.

Emily M you know I was on your blog and you called me the N word and when I came back with my friends you got all scared and deleted your blog because they made you feel like an idiot for calling me racist names. so not only are you a racist, you are a LIAR TOO!

No. You never went on my blog. I never said that. I deleted my blog because I stopped liking Silly Bandz.

you don't like silly bandz anymore?

I don't buy any more but I still go on this blog because I still like this blog.

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