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Piggyback Bandz Introduce The Bandz That Stand

There is a brand new Bandz company with a unique idea. Fungrins, LLC has introduced Piggyback Bandz, which they call "The Bandz That Stand." What makes Piggyback Bandz different is that they put a mini-shaped band that piggybacks on top of the traditional shaped rubber band. This means that the shape of the top band can easily be seen when placed on the wrist, and you don't have to take the Bandz off for people to know what you're wearing. Next week, I will be posting pictures of several different Piggyback Bandz packs, so keep checking back. More information on Piggyback Bandz can be found on their website at PiggyBackBandz.com.


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Love them!

oooh sweet :D

I bought these bandz months ago... Canada's a head of you

Those are kinda like the Scrabble bandz.

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