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Logo Bandz Reduced At Walmart

I don't know for sure if this is the case at every Walmart, but I've noticed that some Walmarts have reduced the price of Logo Bandz from $4 a pack to only $2 a pack. Logo Bandz makes both sports team bandz as well as licensed character bandz. Some of their licensed character bandz include Harry Potter Bandz, The Simpsons Bandz, and Disney Bandz. If your local Walmart has also reduced the price, then it is a great time to add to your collection of Logo Bandz.

The Logo Bandz display is located in the jewelry section instead of the toy section at most of the Walmarts I've visited.



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i still love silly bandz but this is a sign of them going out of buissness cuz its kinda going out of style.

It's like this at my Walmart too. For a while.

When Wal Mart cuts a price in half and sillybandz starts trying to sue everyone for money, you know they have bitten the dust!

I come here to see all your comments and to see if anyone is making something cool and it appears there is little imagination in this industry. Has always been that way.

another one bites the dust

I was at Walgreens yesterday and they had them down to 99 cents.

@scarter003 and cindy Lately Walmart have been cutting the prices on a lot of items. It doesn't mean that those items are out of style. It just means that The econemy is changing and they need to change their prices.

actually emily M. everywhere sily bandz prices are going down. silly blandz r just a fad. all they r is rubber bracelets...
silly bandz r coming to an end soon i bet
and cindy just shut ur freaking mouth

There are still some MLB, NFL and NCAA Logo Bandz available at http://www.brooksmemorabilia.com.


...We LOVE your hometown!...
am looking forward to celtx supporting novels...

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