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Silly Stand

Silly Stand is a brand new product for organizing your Bandz. The Original Silly Stand consists of a base and a top. The top has eight squiggly arms that you can hang your Bandz on. Both the base and the top come in various colors, and there are actually twelve different possible base and top color combinations. Above is a photo of a purple base and pink top Silly Stand.

Here is a picture of a card showing the different Silly Stand color combinations.

Here is a photo of a Silly Stand all loaded up with Silly Bandz. In addition to organizing your Bandz collection, Silly Stands are great for organizing jewelry, hair bands, and more. Silly Stands are available at SillyStand.com.



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here's another trademark violation lawsuit waiting to happen

This is very clever!

Wow... I just plain don't know what to say about that. XD

I never wrote that first comment. i like this idea but I don't think i would get one.

@Emily #2 - no one cares if the first comment is you or not. Did you ever consider there is more than one Emily in this world who reads this blog? You dont need to spam every post with "I didnt write that" as you aren't important enough to worry about.

Wow... this is the LAMEST thing ever

I agree 100% with Cindy up there. NOBODY CARES if you wrote it or not. Just because a user has the same name as you does not mean they are pretending to be you. You have delusions of grandeur or something. Nobody cares about you enough to want to pretend to be you, so cut t out with all the comment spam saying you did not say things.

btw, I forgot to comment on this actual item. That thing is RIDICULOUS! Stupidest thing I have ever seen and I agree with Emily #1 too, it looks like another trademark lawsuit waiting to happen now that Silly Bandz is suing so many people over using their name. They even made their logo look close in design to Silly Bandz logo too.

These blog is looking really very fantastic in their logo can be design in really very good manner. They even made their logo look close in design to Silly Bandz logo too.These all are great to know about it.

@jack and cindy You seriously think that it's a coincedence that there are 2 Emilys both with their names a link to this website? @cindy I'm not spamming the website.

Emily M. You are an idiot.

@jack You shut up. I'm not a moron. I'm not an idiot. And that person isn't me. Don't say it's a coincedence.

Wow, Emily M is a whiny little baby

Wow guys... WOW.

Stop argueing about it gosh. I like this product.

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