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Silly Earringz

 Silly Earringz from Silly Bandz have actually been out for awhile, but I hadn't done a post on them yet. The Silly Ear Ringz Pack contiains six pairs of earringz. Above is a photo of the front of the Silly Earringz Pack. Thanks to Jordan for sending me the photos.

Here is a photo of the back of the Silly Earringz Pack.

Here is a photo of all the different shapes in the Silly Earringz Pack. The Silly Earringz shapes include 2 stars, 2 hearts, 2 high heels, 2 magic wands, and 2 purses. There are also 2 silver and 2 gold clasps in every pack of Silly Ear Ringz. Silly Ear Ringz are currently available on Sillybandz.com



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Ehhh I don't really like that idea.

I like those shapes. But anyone can take regular hoop earings and put normal Silly Bandz on them. I've done it before.

These are STUPID!

those are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!

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