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Silly Bandz Game For The iPhone And iPad

Silly Bandz The Game is coming to the iPhone and the iPad. Silly Bandz The Game is made by video game publisher Zoo Entertainment, Inc. Silly Bandz The Game takes place on Silly Bandz Magical Island, which is a mysterious place inhabited by special Silly Starz. The object of the game is to toss Silly Bandz bracelets to collect Silly Starz hidden all over the island. In order to clear each challenge, players must collect all of the Silly Starz, and if players collect the Silly Bandz too, they add more bracelets to their collection to use when facing more difficult levels.

“Blending the fun and colorful elastic world of the Silly Bandz bracelets with the addictive physics-based catapult gameplay mechanic beloved by players was a natural fit for Silly Bandz on iOS,” said Mark Seremet, who is CEO of Zoo Entertainment, Inc. “Fans of Silly Bandz are sure to enjoy bringing the world that they usually wear on their wrists to life in this game, while those that might not yet consider themselves afflicted with bracelet fever may be secretly surprised at how much fun they have collecting Silly Bandz on their iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.”

In Silly Bandz The Game, there are 30 challenging levels, which take place in beach, forest and volcano environments. Players get to pick from the Silly Bandz in their collection to use in each level. Players will want to take weight, size, and bounciness into consideration when making their selections. There are 40 unique Silly Bandz shapes found in the game.

Stella the Puppy, who is the official bulldog mascot of Silly Bandz, makes an appearance in game. Stella provides helpful hints and tips on how to play the game. For example, Stella helps players discover that some objects feature special powers to help players collect Silly Starz and Silly Bandz. Some tips include that heavy objects can help clear a path and rockets can provide a powerful boost of speed. There ale also obstacles in the game, which can help or hinder players.

Silly Bandz for iPhone and iPod Touch will be available on the App Store soon for $0.99. The iPad version of Silly Bandz will be available on the same day for $1.99. Also published by Zoo Games, Silly Bandz for the Nintendo DS is now available nationwide for $29.99 and includes a set of exclusive video game themed Silly Bandz bracelets.



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wgen does it come out

ya when does it come out I wanna buy it for my ipod

It's out now!

I use cell phones to keep in touch, I use DSi to play games, Apple should take Nintendo.

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