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Open Hand Silly Bandz

The Open Hand Silly Bandz was not released in a retail Silly Bandz Pack. The Open Hand Silly Bandz was made available as part of the Build A Pack Silly Bandz, so it is a very rare Silly Bandz. The Open Hand Silly Bandz comes in yellow.


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I don't care!:-)

That's not me above. From now on I'm changing my name to Emily Grace because Grace is my middle name.

The open hand is nice but very basic, I like the more complex designs better.

whoever removed my comment about the band being racist because it doesn't come in colors other than caucasian is racist too. censoring someone pointing out racism is racist!

No, it's not. And it's not caucasian, it's yellow. It's obvious you're just trying to prove someone's wrongs that they don't have.

Emily M. is racist it seems. Only a racist would tell a black person something that is clearly racist isn't racist. You should be ashamed of yourself, you little racist girl!

I'm not racist. And I didn't even know that he was black. This Silly Band isn't racist. This shape isn't caucasian. I'm caucasian, and I don't have yellow skin. This shape is yellow. If Silly Bandz meant for it to be caucasian, they would have made it white. Just shut up with the stupid comments about being racist.

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