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Guess The Bandz?

Here is a picture of a Bandz that someone emailed me. They did not know what shape it is supposed to be, and I have no idea either, so it is time to play "Guess the Bandz?" Does anyone know what shape this is supposed to be? Post your guesses in the comment section below.


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a bunny

i think a pig

is it a bunny,or minnie mouse?

melting snowman????

I believe it's a fairy.

a moose

It's a fairy! It's from the Bama Bandz Fantasy Pack.

A moose!!!!!!

MOOSE! I have it because someone gave it to me, and I'm wondering what it was.


I think its a fairy!

@john and doggyadorable I already said that the shape was a fairy. My friend has it so I would know.


A fairy praying or pleading

its not an f****** fairy its a moose

A moose

No it's a fairy. I know someone who has this band and she said the package said it was a fairy.

It does not matter what the bag said, because you cant prove it. ITS A FREAKIN' MOOSE!!!

it a frigin koala bear =3 not a fsiry or a moose, derpy derp

Who says I don't have proof? You have to be blind to think that's a moose.

i think its an eleaphant .

hello!? Put it upside down and it's a rhino

To all you stupid people who think that's a moose please tell me. What the hell is wrong with your eyes that makes you see it as a moose.


it's a hippo yawning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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