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Expressions Treats Bandz Pack

The Expressions Treats Bandz Pack contains twelve shaped rubber band bracelets. Above is a photo of the front of the Expressions Treats Bandz Pack.

Here is a photo of the back of the Expressions Treats Bandz Pack.

Here is a photo of the different shapes inside the Expressions Treats Bandz Pack. The Treats assortment includes Ice Cream Cone, Lollipop, Candy, Gummi Bear, Cupcake, and Ring Pop rubber bands.



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they are cute, who ever came up with the idea of animal shaped bands though?

i like the Ring Pop.

These copy Crazybands! I got a pack of Crazybands like this. and they had the exact same shapes!

EMILY! why are you posting on this blog when you are supposed to be in school? YOU'RE GROUNDED!


I had a half day that day. So ha. You're not my mom.

LOL @ Emily getting busted by her mom and trying to save face so everyone will not think she is in trouble!

OMG I had a half day. That's not my mom. My mom got me off the bus that day so she wouldn't be grounding me.

again, i believe you! that pwesons last anitial is w and yours is m.

Thanks tiger.

Who's last initial is W?

Drama :/ -______________-

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