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Dragons Silly Bandz & Rubber Bands

Some of the most popular Bandz shapes are Dragons. There are several Bandz companies that have made Dragon shaped rubber bands including Silly Bandz, Zany Bandz, Buddy Bands, Character Bandz, Googly Bands, Rubba Bandz, and more. Above is a photo of several of the Dragon Bandz that I have. The red sparkle Dragon is the one made by Silly Bandz.


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Dragons are epic.

@annoying person, you live up to you're name.

@ Keith, yes he does.

I have never seen this type of silly bands nor this type of blog. But I must say one thing to you that you have created it very nicely and all the bands are truly cool. I like all the dragons shaped bands very much and it is also true that we can get extra ordinary look.


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