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Cross Silly Bandz

There are a lot of companies that make religious themed Bandz, so it's kind of surprising that Silly Bandz has never released an official Religious Silly Bandz Pack. There is however a Cross Silly Bandz that is available in the Build A Pack Silly Bandz. The Cross is a simple design for Bandz, but it is also one of the most popular designs.


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I like this shape, but it's a little boring.

I'm an Atheist, so I wouldn't want this.

@keith I'm sorry if this offends you, but how can you not believe in the God who created you?!

@Emily Go Emily You should buy Herhsey Farm Silly Bandz Plus the Amish Bonet is Glow and the Dark


@Emily, erveyone's entitled to their own beleifs.

@Emily Kieth did not say anything offensive he simply stated he would not want this and gave the reason. You then implied that his beliefs were wrong which was uncalled for as you have to tolerate other beliefs. Everyone gets to choose their own views, and no one is more correct than any other.

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