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Braces Silly Bandz

The Braces Silly Bandz was originally released as custom Silly Bandz for an Orthodontics office. Silly Bandz decided to also make the Braces Silly Bandz available as part of their Build A Pack Silly Bandz.


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First Comment!!!

dude nobody gives a care!!!

ya nobody cares and the orthodontics office that got them was this one Its red braces and they are mailing me some!!!


That is so cool. I need this shape becuase I have braces. I wish it was in green because that's what color my braces are.

Its green after it glow in the dark

It glows in the dark? OK I officialy need this.

I don't want braces so I don't want this one
And Emily u don't NEED it u just want it

That's my way of saying that I really want something. I get told that statement a lot.

ya I have all the build-a-pack already so I know what shapes glow and what shapes are glitter

I have braces and they are red and green at the moment but I have an orthodontist appointment coming up next week and I'm gonna get them light blue and royal blue so yeah!!!! (I love the color blue if you haven't realized it!!!! :):):):):) PS I can type really, really, fast so yeah no mistakes and I didn't go back and backspace errors so YEAH!

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